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IronZog was founded in 2001 by software developer Michael Ferrier and artist Zach Shukan. After having worked together at Turbine Games on one of the first massively multiplayer RPGs, Asheron's Call, they decided to build their own game company.

In 2002 IronZog published War of Conquest, the first open-world nation building strategy MMO. After a successful nine year run, War of Conquest went offline in 2011.

Zach Shukan has gone on to work in animation for television, founding the successful Manhattan VFX company Omega Darling.

After taking time off to earn a graduate degree, Michael Ferrier has returned to game development and is working with a small team to bring back War of Conquest as a slick, modern re-imagining that maintains the spirit of the original while upgrading the graphics, gameplay and overall experience. War of Conquest is set to launch in early 2018.

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